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BuzzBundle Professional 2.4.17

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New intuitive Social Media Marketing software to speed up your SMM activities.

Would you like to spend less time managing social media accounts? Get BuzzBundle: new effective social media marketing software that helps you with a ton of SMM tasks – quickly and at ease. Use it to listen to relevant social talk, leave replies right form the tool (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more), send PMs, schedule status updates and more. See for yourself – try the Free version of BuzzBundle today!

- It stores all your logins and passwords in one place, allowing you to easily switch between accounts when posting to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social sites.

- An easy-to-follow feed of all your social activities is available, saving you the need to hop between social networks to monitor responses.

- BuzzBundle will also search for social media conversations that mention your brand name, your website URL or any other keyword you provide.

- You can then (1) like, (2) retweet, (3) share or (4) respond to other people’s posts right form the dashboard.

- And even more: you can post updates to your own social accounts (all of them at once!) Delayed posting and scheduling is available as well.

Listen to social talk, reply to conversations & connect with niche influencers. Switch between accounts on the fly - and spread the buzz the new, BuzzBundle way!

Social media managers and website owners. Basically, anyone having an account at any of the social networks.

BuzzBundle Professional


BuzzBundle Professional 2.4.17

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  • "Scam it's a Spyware"

    This is a total scam. Hackers have came out with the new concept of stealing information by introducing SEO tools. As so... More.

    reviewed on May 2, 2015